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Mar. 30, 2009

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Rarely does so much happen that I get to write about more than one topic in a post.  However, today quite a bit happened.

I went to the DMV (also known as Hell on Earth) first thing this morning.  Even at exactly 8 AM (right when they open) they were busy.  I took the CDL Class A endorsment test for hauling tankers.  It took me longer to wait in line than it did to actually take the test.  But good news, I did pass, and now I have both the Haz Mat and tanker endorsements.  Now I can haul phosphate.  This is great because it really opens a lot of opportunities for me.  In fact, with both of these endorsements, I can be a suicide jockey.  (Note:  That's trucker CB slang for someone who hauls gasoline.) 

I was so happy with passing my test that I made a trip to one of my favorite places, Home Depot.  Since I am nearing the finishing stage of my electric cello project I needed some Wipe-On Polyurethane, brushes, and tack cloth.  I was all out of poly since I used the last of it on one of Roxy's projects. 

However, before I can even think of putting the laquer on, there are still a few things I need to do to the cello.  This evening I put one of the wings on the cello.  Pictures are on my myspace picture folder.  Back when I was designing the cello I was worried about how I would get the wings in the exact place while glueing them.  However, this was before I had a biscuit joiner, one of the greatest woodworking tools known to man.  I used it, placed the biscuits in, and everything lined up perfectly on both sides.  What a great tool. 

So right now, I have the right wing glueing up.  I'll give the wood glue 24 hours to dry before I glue up the left wing.  Once it glues up I'll give it a full 48 hours to dry.  Wood glue can take a while, but once it hardens up, it's stronger than the wood itself. 
On my to do list I should really head over to one of the Pro Audio department at Guitar Center or Sam Ash.  I'm not crazy about going there, but I do need some very small cords to run the electronics.  Namely, I need an extension cord to run the microphone from the mic holder to the pre-amp.  It needs to be 1/8 inch male on one end, and female on the other.  For the pickup, I need a 1/16th male jack.  Everything else I have.  It's just those little things. 

Overall, things went pretty well today.  I think tommorrow will be pretty good too.

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