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The Blue Tent

Jun 1, 2009

So anyone who knows me knows I have major problems with a lot of what goes on in the Pagan Community.  Instead of complaining about a lot of things, I will suffer my wrath upon only one thing in this post.  The Red Tent.  Or more specifically, The Red Tent Women's Project. 

I have seen how many Christian religions seperate men and women.  I don't agree with that.  I believe that no matter how different we are, we need to learn to live together.  So I am very sad to see my fellow Pagans following a similar path.  I don't like how many Pagan groups are becoming Women's (or is it Womyn's) only Circles.  Heck, even a local group EarthWater Glade is only for Women born Women.  No transsexuals allowed.  Really, I'm not making this up. 

In my opinion the worst offender is the Red Tent.  I asked why it was womens only?  I was told it was a safe haven for woman to talk about women related stuff.  I was also told that I would be bored there, and it just wouldn't appeal to men.  In other words, shut up and go away. 

So I got to thinking... If they had a Red Tent, why couldn't I have a Blue Tent.  It could also be called The Male Energy Tent.  First off, we (my cohorts and I) would get a generic blue plastic tarp.  You know, the kinds they sell ... well everywhere.  Well, Home Depot has plenty.  Then we would get a few couches off of Craigslist that were offered in the free section.  We would then get some tree stumps to use as end tables, and a place to put the TV.  Yes, we would have some sort of feed coming in to bring us ESPN or some sort of sports.  Why sports?  Because sports is important to male energy. 

We would then use coolers as footrests.  The coolers would help supply our male energy through use of the alcohol that would be inside of them.  Since we would need lamps for nighttime, I would need to procure a deer leg lamp.  Also, old time railroad lanterns would be used. 

Next comes the food.  It would be.... meat, lots of meat.  Red meat, wild meat, and any and all types of beef jerky.  Funyuns, cheetos, doritos, and Ruffles with ridges are to be stocked at all times.  Also to be included is anything that can be cooked over a fire.  That will be the ultimate judge.  If it can be cooked over a fire, it's ok. 

What I haven't gotten to yet is how the Blue Tent will be different philosophically from the Red Tent.  The following is really taken from the Red Tent's website:

What we're aboutIf you look at our mission, you'll see that we're about creating change. Our vision is a world where violence against women isn't tolerated, where women get equal pay for their work, where access to reproductive health and information is so obvious a right that anything else is simply absurd...where racism, homophobia, classism, nativism etc. simply isn't tolerated.

However sexism against men is obviously ok. 

What the Blue Tent is about:
We are about creating nothing.  It is about watching sports, drinking alcohol, and going with the status quo.  Also, the Blue Tent is about Male Energy, but women are welcome providing the following:  They are not bleeding.  They are the type of girl you don't take home to Mom.  They won't tell you their last name, or their real first name for that matter.  They go with the flow.  They wear little or no clothing (weather permitting.)  They are generally described as "loose women."

Back to the Red Tent:

Our approachOur method is to create space for growth and change. Those spaces can be online, in real life, or in your mind. We invite you to use this online space to float ideas and questions, research things you might not have known about, and broaden your mind in ways that encourage you to see the world as bigger than you, bigger than your family, bigger than your city, state, country, etc.

Is is me, or does that sound like someone who has smoked too much pot?

The Blue Tent's approach:

Our method is to sit around, watch sports, drink alcohol, and associate with loose women.  We believe that the mind should not be exercised at all.  Every now and then one should have sex with a random unknown woman, and then go back to the sports, alcohol, and generally hanging out.

Back to the Red Tent:

What that means for you
When you join the Red Tent Women's Project network, you are agreeing that the world needs to be transformed into a better, more tolerant, more awesome place, and that you are going to help do that. How you do that is up to you, but our ultimate goal is to create a community where members are responsible to one another to create change. Nothing more, nothing less! And make sure you tell us what you're going to do (or did), because you never know...your action may very well inspire someone else's!

More tolerant except for men who only account for only 50% of the population. 

What this means for you at the Blue Tent:
First off, you don't join so much as you just show up, and hang out.  Nothing should be changed, especially the TV channel.  We don't aim to inspire/ change anyone or anything.  Our only goal (if you could call it that) would be to have fun, and hang out. 

So that's my idea.  I think it might be a fun thing.  Especially the loose women part.

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