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What's Your Moment?

Oct 15, 2010

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To the people in my life there is such a thing as, “God dammit Adrian.!” moments.  Basically a “God Dammit Adrian moment is when I (Adrian) do something so outrageous and irritating it makes a person yell, “God dammit Adrian....!”  That however, is only the first part.  The second part of a “God dammit Adrian” moment is when looking back on it, you can laugh about it. 
Most of the time this comes about as some sort of prank.  Other times it comes about as some sort of instant bad thought put forth by me (Adrian.)  Here is my highlight list:
My Ex-Girlfriend Roxy.  I totally faked a spiritual experience.  It was so good it required a two part blog entry called, “Adrian Fakes a Spiritual Experience, Parts 1 and 2.”  She was so mad she yelled at me for ten minutes straight. 
My Mother.  I grabbed a stick that looked like a snake and fought it.  She choked and couldn’t breathe.  I think her heart really stopped for a few seconds.  She also turned kind of green.
My Sister.  I faked being passed out.  I even wrote a blog about it.  She was so mad she kicked me.  But I think she laughed about it later.

My Dad.  That time I faked being drunk was funny just to see what you would do.  I know you were angry at the time, but you thought it was funny later on.

My Hunting Buddy John W.  I have pulled so many pranks on him I don’t know where to start.  He even called my Dad and I “Assholes.”  I wrote about that under the blog, “We’re Assholes!”
My Friend Wes W.  When leaving Guitar Center I pulled a chain on the bosses, and kind of challenged them to a fight.  After we got into the truck and pulled away, Wes had to light up a cigarette.  I think he would have taken a drink if he would have had one.
My Pal Kathy W.  I know you were mad at the time, but now after you have had the baby, all those Cletus the Fetus jokes were kind of funny.
To all the girls I told, “Well, it’s not going to eat itself.”  I know, I went from harmless flirting to way over the line.
To Angela F.L.  I was screwing around, and kissed you when I shouldn’t have.  But honestly, you should have seen the look on your face. 
To Candie.  I totally made up that story about having the rebar shoot through my back, and leave that scar.  Your face was priceless.
S.K.  My right shoulder is still hurting from all the times you smacked me in the shoulder.  You did that because I had a few good natured thoughts/ jokes that we won’t talk about.
To Chris P.  I’m sorry I completely embarrassed you.  I thought that frog moved.

To Meghan.  I’m not really sure if you have a moment.  I was always pretty nice to you.
To all the Pagan Peoples.  I actually kind of knew what I was doing.  I knew more than I was letting on.  But to be honest, calling God, “Sky-Dad” was just plain funny.
That’s all I can remember for now.  If you have a moment or moments, feel free to tell me about it.  You can post it in all its glory from your point of view. 

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