Monday, February 28, 2011

West Virginia Story #3, Ye Who Enter Here

Jul 29, 2010

“Ye who enter here, abandon all diets.”  That should be the sign when entering.West Virginia.  I had only been on my sugar free diet for a few weeks.  It was due to medical reasons, so I have been strict as I could possibly be.  I just couldn’t cheat a little here, or maybe just snack a little there.  I couldn’t have anything.  It was then that the trials really began.
My Grandma honestly tried to feed me a pie every single day.  That’s right, every single day.  I had to remind her that I couldn’t have anything with sugar.  Then she would say, “Oh, that’s right.”  But the next day she would do it again.  I can’t count the number of pies, cake, and ice cream that went in and out of that house.  I can honestly say I did not have a piece of any of them.
Then there was the family reunion, a place with more deserts than a Dairy Queen.  It was filled with a ton of donuts, cake, pie, pastries, and topped off with Aunt Joyce’s famous homemade fudge.  I had to walk away.  I had to eat bread.  Still yet, I did not touch one piece of desert. 
I only drank Coke Zero and Iced Tea with Splenda.  However, Coke has also come out with Coke Zero Vanilla, and Coke Zero Cherry.  Both of those are great. I am thankful for the simple things like watermelon, peaches, and other great fruits.  Without them, I think I would go crazy.
Speaking of crazy I am probably driving my girlfriend Roxy (not her real name) crazy.  She would eat something that I couldn’t eat in front of me.  I would ask her not to do that.  She would then start to argue with me about it.  I calmly explained to her that I have a disease.  You see, I have an addiction to sugar, and addiction is defined as a disease.  However, Roxy didn’t quite believe me.  I told her she wouldn’t hold a whiskey bottle under an alcoholic’s nose, and she shouldn’t hold a pie underneath mine.  She didn’t agree with that.  So I guess we still have a few things to work on. 

So the question is, how is this working out for me?  Well, I feel a lot better.  I am down ten pounds over eight weeks.  I have been able to get more things accomplished.  I have not had the tingling in my limbs that I had been having.  I have not had any sugar crashes.  I have also been eating less, not because I am trying, but just because I don’t feel the need to eat. 
I’m not saying this is easy.  In fact, I sympathize with addicts of all kinds.  Even though I feel much better, I still want sugar.  I still want all those sweet things that I can’t eat.  Like an addict I realize that this is a lifelong commitment.  I can’t be too mad.  For thirty three years I had a good time enjoying all those sugary things.  That’s a good amount of time, and during that time I probably had more than I should have anyway.

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