Monday, February 28, 2011

West Virginia Story #1, Hey Cowboy, Hey Asshole

Jul 28, 2010

So when I was in Charlestown, West Virginia I went to the Charlestown Mall with my girlfriend Roxy (not her real name.)  We were aiming to leave, so she went to the bathroom to powder her nose.  So I’m sitting on a bench looking good, wearing my cowboy hat.

It was then that two idiot kids came walking by.  Both were about eight years old, and the one had a stupid looking Mohawk haircut.  The other was a goofy ass moron.  When walking by, goofy ass moron said to me, “Hey Cowboy.”  I then immediately replied, “Hey Asshole.”  Mohawk then asked, “What did he say?”  Goofy said, “He called me an asshole.”

It was a revelation to goofy.  No one had ever told him he was an asshole before.  Now he knows and is better off for it.  Unfortunately, Roxy didn’t see it that way.  “You mean to tell me you just cursed out an eight year old?”  “No honey, I just called him and asshole, and he is now better off for it.”  She didn’t quite agree with me on this point, but hey, we can’t see eye to eye on everything. 

Note:  My former Girlfriend Roxy made a comment about how wrong I was.  We really disagreed about this incident.  Her comment disappeared when she unfriended me on myspace.

Adrian So... do I get Kudos?

Melanie Hey, sometimes you got to call it like it is.  Kids don't have fathers anymore to kick their asses and bring them down a peg.  Personally, I think it's hilarious

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