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Things to do in West Virginia when you're bored, Part 3

Jul 17, 2009

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Earlier I wrote about what activities to do in ....West Virginia.... with my girlfriend Roxy (not her real name.)  Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to come along with me due to her getting a new job.  So I haven’t been doing too much here except resting from the drive up.  So here’s a list of what’s gone on so far.

  1. Went to Blenko Glass.  (See previous blog entry.)
  2. I’ve taken lots of pictures.
  3. Dad took the chainsaw, and got some hickory wood for woodworking.
  4. The cows came over and bugged him, and then pooed where he was working.
  5. I had a relative pass away from colon cancer.  It was expected as she had been suffering with it for over two years.  Unfortunately, I have so many older relatives that it seems that every time I come up here someone passes away.  One year we had three relatives pass away in a 10 day span.
  6. I’ve been watching the wildlife.  So far I’ve seen a deer, red fox, and many birds.
  7. Dad has also been taking everyone (as in our older relatives) to Doctor’s appointments. 
  8. I went to a Guitar Shop.  All’s they carried was Dean Guitars.  Damn it.
  9. We ate at Famous Dave’s BBQ.  Oh God it was good.

Then there are things I plan to do.

  1. I’m going to the library to check my e-mail.  I’ve been going through e-mail withdraw.
  2. I’m going to stop by the local Gun and Pawn shop.  In the old parts of the country you never know what you could find.
  3. I always like to stop by the main Taxidermy shop in West Hamlin.  The guy who runs it has done so many mounts that he has gotten really good.  I may see if he has a used deer head so I can hang it up in my room.  Something cheap and kinda bad looking.
  4. I also plan to start my student film/ documentary/ gorilla film tomorrow.  I promised Roxy that I would film the area so she could see what it’s like up here.  I’m still kind of unsure as to how to go about it.  How do I blend my sense of humor with trying to actually explain what’s going on around this place?  Also, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.  It might be hard to film outside with it raining. 
  5. I’ve also thought about writing a song or two.  However, songwriting seems to come to me, more than I come to it.  In other words, they tend to come to me.  I can’t sit down, and write a good song anytime I feel like it. 
  6. I’m going to try and hunt down some ..Adirondack.. red spruce.  However, that may be next week before I can get around to it.  Although, Dad is already in the process of hunting down hickory, black cherry, black walnut, white walnut (butternut), maple, more maple, apple, and other woods.
  7. Dad plans to cut down a rotted Paw-Paw tree.  I plan to film him do it, and give him moral support. 
  8. After cleaning up a lot of brush and garbage, we may start a bonfire.  After it burns down nicely we may get the hotdogs out, and have lunch.  
  9. Of course the family reunion is coming up this weekend.  That will be fun.  There are a lot of antique and book stores in the town where it’s being held at.  So we’ll stop at a number of shops. 

So that’s what’s happened so far.  I think it’ll be a good day tomorrow.  I just have that, “it’ll be a good day” feeling.

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