Monday, February 28, 2011

Stay Down Rock!

Sept 1, 2010

It was the 14th round of the Creed – Balboa fight.  The fight was even, and both fighters were close to death with the brutality they had absorbed.  That’s when Apollo Creed hit Rocky with a straight right to send him sprawling to the canvas.  As Rocky was on the ground trying to get up, that’s when Rocky’s trainer Mick yelled at him, “Stay down Rock!” 

For reference, go to the 6:40 mark: 

Mick knew that if the scorecards were close the judges weren’t going to give the fight to an unknown.  He didn’t want Rocky taking any more punishment.  But Rocky had made a promise to himself before the fight.  Win or lose, he would go the distance.  He wouldn’t go out like a chump.
So what does this have to do with me?  Well, in one of the last arguments with my now ex-girlfriend Roxy (real name Jessica) had, she told me to give up my dream of being a truck driver.  She told me that no one was going to hire me, and I should concentrate on getting another type of job.  Well, what I heard was, “Stay down Rock!”  Like Rocky, I refused to stay down.
Well, I now have a pre-qualified job offer from CTL.  I have to take a refresher course at Roadmaster, but after that, I have a job truck driving.  And here’s the great part, it’s driving local.  I get to be home every night.  No more over the road trucking.  I will be hauling phosphate from the dig site to the Port of Tampa. 
I feel vindicated.  I feel relieved.  However, most of all I feel right.  This is a great job for me.  It’s not as much money as being over the road, but the over the road drivers aren’t making near what they used to.  Also, I don’t have the expense of buying everything I need out on the road. 

Some people might remind me that Rocky lost that fight, albeit by a split decision.  But all I have to say to that is, yes he did, but he won the next fight. 

Angela Flowers Rocky also got himself sequels.  ;)  We're cheering for you!  [But if you call me Adrienne, we gon' have to fight . XD!]

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