Monday, February 28, 2011

Possum Apple

Nov 30, 2010

A few weeks ago my Dad went with my Sister to a plant festival.  He said there was a nice tree there that caught his attention.  He went over and it was marked as a Possum Apple tree.  He said that it was nothing but a persimmon tree.  I then replied that Possum Apple would be the name of my new acoustic alternative band that would play at Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse.
Yes, it was a smartass comment, but it got me to thinking.  Possum Apple would be a good, nay great, name for my acoustic alternative band that plays at Sacred Grounds coffeehouse. 
I can see it now…. (Imagine dreamy music here.)  “Hi there, I’m Adrian., and we are Possum Apple.  Ok, it’s just me right now.  I don’t have a band….. per se.  But when I do have a band we will be called Possum Apple.  So here’s a song that we, er I, want to play for you.” 
Does that would unrealistic?  Well, there’s a guy named Jonny (not Johnny) who has a band named Algorhythm Sky, and he is the only member right now.  So you see, it’s not that far fetched.
If I wasn’t on the road I would totally do that at the next open mic night.  But as I am on the road my dreams of a coffeehouse alternative acoustic band will have to be put on hold. 

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