Sunday, February 27, 2011 is Stalking Me

Jan 10, 2010

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So I stopped in to look at the website  I'd seen their commericials, and thought I'd take a look.  They mostly had clothes so I typed in to see if they had Pierre Cardin suits.  There was a couple nice ones, and I took a look at a few.  I thought if I had the need for a few more suits I might drop in again.  But today I wasn't buying.

Then it started happening.  I would go to my other usual sites, and a new advertisement would be on their page.  Not only that, the advertisement would feature those same Pierre Cardin suits.  It's like a drug.  I tried it once, and now it follows me. 

It don't know which sites I should go to.  At any time that ad could pop up, and tell me I should buy those Pierre Cardin suits.  So now may be a good time to stop using the internet so much.  But this is so wrong.  Just because I was looking doesn't give them a reason to stalk me.  I mean, if I walked into Sears and the Men's Department employees followed me outside of the store that would be stalking wouldn't it?  So why does think they have the right to do that? 

Then comes another question.  What if I actually ordered something from them?  Would they start sending me countless e-mails once they had my e-mail address.  Would they send me letters in the mailbox? is like that guy at the club who thinks you owe him sex just because you looked at him.

Angela Flowers I ordered some headphones from them and they just send me the once a week email letting me know what sales they have going on.  Dunno why they're stalking you, though.

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