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The Only Difference Between A Break-up And Getting Dumped Is Press Coverage

Aug 29, 2010

So I haven’t said much about the break-up between me and my now ex-girlfriend Roxy (real name Jessica.)  I didn’t want to say anything nasty or mean since we share mutual friends and acquaintances.  I made a promise to myself to not talk about anything during our relationship, however anything after that is fair game. 
I hadn’t talked to Roxy since the break-up.  However she did IM my sister on Facebook.  That gave my sister tons of anxiety since she didn’t want to get in the middle of any of Roxy and mine’s problems.  My sister Melanie wanted to be nice, but she did feel some sort of loyalty to me.  Plus she suffers from anxiety so this didn’t help matters any.  I’m not sure what she did, but I didn’t ask.  Later on Melanie told me that she unfriended Roxy since she didn’t want any more IM’s from her.  It just made her feel too much anxiety. 
As I said I hadn’t talked to Roxy since the break-up.  I wasn’t sure how we were going to treat each other in the future.  Any women that I had ever been close to still remain good friends with me to this day.  Ok, not all of them, but a good amount of them.  However, all of Roxy’s ex-boyfriends are complete psychos who she has nothing to do with.  She actually tries to hide her information from them. 
So here’s the dilemma, do we still talk and remain nice to one another?  Or do we fight via the internet?  Or do we ignore each other?  Well, Friday was my birthday, and I thought Roxy would send me a message.  Boy did she ever.  She unfriended me on MySpace and Facebook on my birthday.  Wow.  She didn’t do it during the last few weeks.  She waited until my birthday to it.  That just sums up our whole relationship.  She became an angry, viscous bitch, and I just wanted the yelling to stop.
Her two best friends (the Twins, yes they really are twins) unfriended me as well.  It’s ok.  They never liked me or any other man.  They were no fun, and never understood a joke even if it hit them in the face.  Her parents didn’t like me either, but they never said a thing to my face.  They would wait until I was gone, and then bitch to Roxy about me. 
It seems she was just a completely negative person surrounded by a bunch of negative people.  That list includes her friends, her family, and her co-workers.  She had one co-worker I could stand to be around, but after that, I didn’t like being around any of them.  The negativity ran so deep. 
The funny thing was a lot of my family didn’t like her.  She yelled at both my Mother and Sister.  They really didn’t like that.  She complained to my Dad, and then told me how he was more caring about her thoughts than I was.  However, my Dad told me, “I wouldn’t put up with that shit on a constant basis.”  And then she yelled at people in front of my Grandmother.  She also said and did a few things that she shouldn’t have in front of my Grandmother.  So it’s kind of funny.  My Grandmother who loves everyone, was not impressed by Roxy.  That kind of opened my eyes.
But after all this, I would still try to be on good terms with Roxy.  I’m not even saying we should be friends or even acquaintances.  I just would like to be on good terms since we have mutual friends.  There are also a few get-togethers that we both attend.  I would like for both of us to be able to go there without an argument breaking out.  However, I think she will tell me to go fuck myself.  Although, she may wait until my next birthday to do that, or maybe Christmas if I’m lucky.

Ok, first I think you mean viscious.  Viscous is how people describe oil.  You know, viscous fluids and all that.  Like the stuff aliens are always leaving trails of so we can follow them.  And Grandma loves everyone with the very large exception of anyone who is mean to her family.  Then, you end up on her "to be killed" list.  Or at least attempted murder, like Sonnyboy's ex-mother-in-law.

And I just have to add that this is the kind of thing that happens when you date someone nine years younger.  Sure, their breasts might be more perky, but you end up with an immature bratitude in the end.  And I'd rather be with someone nice with a push-up bra.
Angela Flowers Vicious.

Wow, and she's telling [you] to go fuck yourself?  No, honey.  I think that should be the other way around.  Who wants to be around someone who yells at your family like she's related to them?  Oh heeeellllll no.  [*insert head and eyeroll here*]
Note:  Roxy posted something here, but I never got to see it.  Myspace changed it's layout, and erased her comment.  I'm sure it was something snarky.

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