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Once a Year, Every Team is a Winner... Except the N.Y. Jets

Apr. 25, 2009

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Late April, the most beautiful time of year.  That's because this is the time of year that the NFL Draft takes place.  I am a self confessed NFL Draft junkie.  It started with the very bad Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  You see, year after year the Bucs were a very terrible team.  So, they always got a high draft choice.  In turn, I was always excited to see who the Bucs would draft. 

Now the Bucs, like all teams have had some hits and misses, but it was always exciting.  They always had between the 4th-10th overall pick in the first round.  That meant they also had between the 4th-10th overall pick in the second round.  That made the second round just as exciting.  You see, there's always some player who was supposed to be a first round pick, but ends up falling into the second.  The Bucs were always able to get a great player in the second round.  In fact, the Pewter Report (the Bucs newsletter) did a story on how the Bucs second round players ended up being better players than their first round picks.  Note:  This is averaging all the picks out over 30 years. 

Every year, (when I can) I sit here at home the entire weekend watching ESPN and ESPN2.  I have all my charts, magazines, and list sitting around me as I watch, yell, and throw things at the TV.  Especially when it comes to Mel Kiper, Jr.  Everyone hates Mel.

However, the most entertaining part of the NFL Draft is the New York Jets.  They have made a mockery of the draft with their horrid picks.  It's just amazing the sheer incompitence they have when it comes to the draft.  The funny part is that the draft is held in New York, so a lot of Jets fans show up to yell, make noise, and boo as loudly as possible.  It's worth watching the draft just to see the Jets fans. 

So I will continue this blog with another post after the draft.  The Bucs have a new coach and general manager, so who knows how the Bucs picks will go.  But I hope all teams do well, that is, except the New York Jets.

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