Sunday, February 27, 2011

On The Road Again

Jul. 11, 2009

Current mood:blah
Well, I'm off on vacation.  I will be gone to West Virginia for two weeks.  While there I will stay with my Grandmother.  I will also go to the family reunion, take pictures, and take video.  I won't make this too long of a post, but I will post a lot when I get back. 

While up there I will write, and once I am connected back to the internet I will post my writings.  I will also post all the pictures I take while up there. 

I won't have any internet connection while I'm up there, so I will truely be out of contact .... with the internet!!!

So take care, have fun, and don't do anything exciting while I'm gone.

P.S.  This post would have been a lot longer, but myspace decided to skip pages, and erased about an hours worth of writing.  God Damn you Myspace.

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