Sunday, February 27, 2011

Old People Like Me In My New Hat

Jun 25, 2010

About two weeks ago I bought a new hat.  It’s a perfect hat.  It’s the old time 1920’s newspaper boy’s hat.  It is made by the Penguin Company, a company that has made these kinds of hats for a very long time.  At first, nobody liked my hat.  But I looked ahead to the future to the benefits of wearing such an old fashioned hat.  

I was in line at the post office waiting to mail out a package.  I was, of course, wearing my hat.  A man in his 80’s looked at me, and started talking to me.  First, he asked what I was mailing out that was so big.  I told him it was a bass guitar.  He then went on to say that it was amazing that stamps were now forty-two cents a piece.  He then asked me if I remembered when stamps were three cents a piece.  I told him that I remembered when they were twenty-four cents a piece.  He just kind of smiled.

So my magical hat either makes me seem older or much more approachable to old people, or both.  Either way, I found the whole thing funny.  I now wonder what other powers my magical hat has.  Maybe it will make other people immediately think, “Wow, what a nice guy,” even though they have never met me.  I knew buying that hat was a great idea.

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