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No Chocolate Cake

Oct 10, 2010

Current mood:disappointed

So I bought the new Gin Blossoms album “No Chocolate Cake.  I wasn’t sure what to think of it since I had heard previews of the songs.  I didn’t exactly like what I heard in the previews.  But after listening to the album, I still didn’t like what I heard. 
First off, I didn’t like the mix.  Where were the guitars?  The gain was turned down, and the overall volume of the guitars was turned down.  It was like a pop song type mix instead of a rocking alternative mix.  The drums weren’t anything special.  They sounded like an average drum track.  The songs themselves weren’t that great.  Ever since original songwriter/ guitarist Doug Hopkins killed himself the band hasn’t been able to write the cynical, depressing songs that they were good at writing.  
So here’s the breakdown of the songs.

  1. Don’t Change For Me.  A good song to start out with, but overall boring.
  2. I Don’t Want To Lose You Now.  This sounds like elevator music.
  3. Miss Disarray.  One of the better tracks.  It’s the first release off the album.
  4. Wave Bye Bye.  This wouldn’t even make it to any of their other albums it’s so lame.
  5. I’m Ready.  It’s not catchy, it’s not hooky.  A throw-away.  It also sounds very close to their song, “Let’s Play Two” off of “Major Lodge Victory.
  6. Somewhere Tonight.  By far their best song on the album.  It’s still soft rock, but has a good mix and lyrics.
  7. Go CryBaby.  I’m still undecided on this song.  A good mix of instruments, but I don’t like the lyrics or chorus.
  8. If You’ll Be Mine.  This sounds like elevator music.  Where’s the edge?
  9. Dead or Alive on the 405.  The second best song on the album.  It probably started off as a joke, but evolved into a very catchy song.  It’s my favorite song on the album.
  10. Something Real.  Another throw-away/ elevator music selection.  The tracks that didn’t make the first two albums are better than this song.
  11. Goin’ To California.  A great chorus, but the rest of the song is boring. 
In my opinion I would have kept only four, maybe five songs on the album.  I would have sent the Gin Blossoms back into the studio to come up with some better stuff, and to mix what they already have a little better.  To have six throw-away songs on an album is far too many.  Overall I am very disappointed in this album.  I would only give it 2 out of 5 stars.

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