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My Presidential Painting, Part 2

Jun 16, 2009

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Back on March 17th, 2009 I posted a blog about my Presidential painting.  It was so ridiculous, so insane, and so totally me.  I told my girlfriend Roxy (not her real name) about it, and that I wanted her to paint it for me.  She laughed it off, and said no.

However, as time has gone by we have gotten to know each other pretty well.  She has also been concerned about what to get me for my birthday in August.  I told her that anyone could get me something from a store.  However, since she has a gift that very few people have, only her and her alone could make me that one in a kind gift, my Presidental painitng. 

You see, she has eight years of art training.  And me?  I draw stick people.  And only she would be understanding enough to draw my painting in my artistic vision.  That would be me dressed in a Napolionic uniform riding a triceritops.  Yes, it is weird, but everyone who knows me, knows that it fits me perfectly. 

She sent me a rough sketch today.  It's completely wonderful.  It's a little different than I thought it would be.  However, I think it's better than my original way to have it drawn.  The main difference is that the painting has a closer image of me in it.  I thought it would have to be drawn from far away.  But the way Roxy has it drawn shows more of me, and a much more detailed picture of me.  It's really, really great.

The funny thing is Roxy thinks only one person may not like it.  That would be her Mother.  She said that her Mother would say, "Eight years of art school, and you paint this?"  But now I can have a painting that says so much about me.  I can show it to my future kids and grandkids, and tell them about how Grandpa Adrian was a General in the Napolionic Wars, and rode a triceritops for France.  Also that the triceritops was named Chloe, and that she ate 500 pounds of French bread a day.

Ah, it's a beautiful thing when madness and talent combine.

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