Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jury Duty - The Quest To Free The Black Man

Feb 8, 2010

It's true.  I have jury duty.  The title is kind of a joke.  I thought, wouldn't it be funny if the prosecutor did some background checking on me, and came across this blog?  My blog is open to the public, anyone can view it.  That includes prosecutors and defense attorneys.

One really funny thought.... Wouldn't it be funny if the defendent had my lawyer Paul as his attorney?  That would be funny.  Paul is on the up and up, so he would be straight up, and let the judge know that I should not sit on the jury. 

I'd actually posted this blog before, but it didn't take.  It might have been my fault.  I think I hit the wrong button.  The point is, I'm not going to write the whole thing again.  So this is my short blog entry. 

I will go as I believe it is my duty.  The U.S. doesn't actually ask too much of it's citizens.  Also, I believe that jury duty is the safety net for our citizens.  It is so important for everyone.  Think about it.  If you were in court wouldn't you want people who believed that it was their job to be the safety net in your legal case?  Don't think that I am only saying it works one way.  What if the case involved a murderer?  The jury has to be the safety net for the community.  Now that is an extreme example, but you get what I am saying.

I will go.  I will dress nice.  And I will not be chosen because I am too smart.  I've had jury duty twice before.  They didn't even come close to choosing me.

Carolan Long You are an exception Adrian. Most people think it is a bother, instead of their patriotric duty.  It is all part of our freedom to be judged by our peers.

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