Sunday, February 27, 2011

Joe Penguin

Jun 22, 2009

So my Girlfriend Roxy (not her real name) had to give a speech.  Even though she's a teacher, and talks in front of people all day she was nervous giving her speech.  I then proceeded to give her some of the best advice I had ever given someone.

I told her to picture everyone in the room as a penguin.  Then to picture everyone as a penguin in their underwear.  Some people-penguins would be wearing Joe Boxer boxer shorts.  Some would be wearing Calvin Klein boxers.  And the little children-penguins?  Well they would be wearing Superman and Spiderman underroos.

It's so ridiculous it's funny.  Really funny.  Roxy thought it was so funny that it put her at ease.  She also did really well on her speech.  I'd like to think that my penguin joke helped her along. 

Also, on a side note, I think it would make a really funny painting/ drawing.  Who knows?  It might be Roxy's next painting.

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