Monday, February 28, 2011

Ghostride the Lawnmower

Sept 16, 2010

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And there I was.  I was mowing the lawn again.  It’s something I have to do regularly in the great state of Florida.  But I got to thinking about something I saw on the news.  It seems some gentlemen of African American heritage had invented something new.  Even though they lived in the ghetto and thus had very little money, they seemed to have very expensive cars with very expensive tire rims custom fitted on them.  They would then play music really loud in their cars.  While I had seen that before, it was something new they were doing that intrigued me.  They would leave their vehicle in drive, and jump out of that vehicle and begin dancing to the music.  They called this, “Ghost riding the whip.” 
So I got to thinking while still on my lawnmower.  What if I were to put giant, chrome tire rims on my lawnmower?  What if I had my lawnmower painted candy apple red, and installed a giant stereo system in it?  And finally, what if I had the electrical system rewired so that I could put the lawnmower in drive, and it would run without me sitting on it?  As it is now, the lawnmower has a safety feature that shuts it down if a person is not sitting on it.  If I managed to accomplish all of this would I be able to “ghost ride the lawnmower?”
I live on a dead end street.  I could ghost ride my lawnmower, and get a great dance workout by just going down the street.  I think my street is about one-quarter of a mile long so that would work out great.  The only problem might be that my very Caucasian neighbors might not know what I am doing.  But I would calmly explain it to them, and invite them to dance with me as I ghost ride the lawnmower down the street.  I’m sure they would love it.


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