Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ghost Stalker

Aug 10, 2009

It's almost 4 A.M. and I can't sleep.  Why?  Well, let me start at the beginning.  My Girlfriend Roxy (not her real name) told me something that creeped me out, and now I can't sleep. 

You see, we were sitting in my chair doing the couple thing.  In other words she was sitting on my lap, while we held hands and watched TV.  We had been there for about half an hour, and everything was fine.  She then looked over my shoulder at a particular spot.  I turned around, and looked behind me to see what she was looking at.  She then looked over there again, and I of course looked behind me to see nothing.

I figured she was messing with me.  I was like, "Ok what are you looking at?"  She wouldn't tell me.  I then said, "Come on, stop messing with me.  What are you looking at?"  She then said, "Sam."  I laughed and innocently asked, "Oh really, who's Sam?"  She then said something I did not expect.  "Sam the Ghost.  He's been in our family for a long time."  I then gave her the squeeze eye.  "Ok honey, what are you really looking at?"  She then said nothing.  Then a silence filled the room.

So let me go back even further.  One of our biggest conversations (to her) was the time she told me that her family was (as she put it) intuitive.  She doesn't exactly tell people because she is afraid of the reaction she might get.  She has always told me that ghosts aren't bad, they are in fact, like having a pet you don't have to feed or take for a walk.  I however have seen too many horror movies, and am freaked out by the thought of ghosts.  I was a kid when I saw the movie Poltergheist.  After that I just can't handle ghosts.

Now back to the conversation between Roxy and me.  I still thought she was messing with me so I said, "Ah, a ghost couldn't have followed you here because ghosts can't cross water."  I was feeling smart when I said that.  She then told me, "Ghosts can cross water.  There are even water spirits."  To try and keep up my smartness, I said the following stupid comment, "But I saw the Ammityville Horror, and even read the book, and it said the ghosts can't cross water."  She then reminded me that the Ammityville Horror was a fake.  It never happened. 

Lately my weird sense of humor has been rubbing off on her.  So now I am left wondering the following.  Is she messing with me?  Also, she spit water on me last week, and I got her back by turning off the lights, and scarring her.  Is this just a way for her to get back at me? 

I mean, I haven't heard any strange sounds.  Nothing has moved.  There hasn't been any cold or hot spots.  No weird electrical things.  Nothing moving out of the corner of my eye.  In fact, all those things on Ghost Hunters that they say proves that ghosts exist .... well, I haven't seen any of them. 

You know, I just thought of the following question.... "How does she know the ghost is named Sam?"  Why is he over here?  Shouldn't he be at her apartment, or a cemetary, or somewhere else?  It just doesn't make sense.  She's had stalkers before, but they were alive.  How do you get a restraining order against a deceased stalker?" 

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