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The Four Horsemen of the Apartment Complex

Jul 17, 2009

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For a while I worked in the greatest place I’ve ever known.  Greenshift Music and Comics.  It had lots of used guitar and guitar related equipment, and it had over 1 million comics.  While I was working there I had an idea for a comic book that I would like to write.  I would be called, “The Four Horsemen of the Apartment Complex.
It would be about the daily lives of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in modern times.  Of course, they would all live in the same apartment complex.  There are different interpretations as to the riders, but the ones I would use are Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death. 
Pestilence (sometimes referred to as Conquest) is now a pest-control man for Orkin.  He still has his white horse and his bow.  In his spare time he likes archery, and other shooting sports.
War now works at the Army-Navy Surplus Store.  He is lucky in that, he can tie his red horse up to a small horse-trot in the back.  He also likes to collect antique swords and knives. 
Famine now works as a short order cook at the local Waffle House.  His black horse also works with him there.  He has a bad habit of collecting a lot of bathroom scales.
Death works as a commission salesman at a funeral home.  He likes showing his pale horse off in horse shows since everyone mistakes it for a palomino. 

All four have similar interests in horses, going to parties, and trying to hook up with women, but due to who they are, they can only seem to get fat goth chicks who hate their daddies, and cut themselves.
There could be other great storylines.  100,000 Mongolians show up, and the guys don’t know where to put them for the night.  A plague of locusts come into town, and they are the first guys who are blamed for it.  At one point they try and form a band, but everyone tells them their act has been done.  Of course, Jesus might make a guest appearance in one of the issues.  That’s always good. 
So, there’s a lot of ways I could take this comic.  Heck, it could even be a great sitcom on Comedy Central.  I think they would go for it.  If not, I’m sure someone will rip off this idea. 

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