Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fishy Tale

Jun 23, 2009

As I posted in a previous post, I had a great time out fishing with my Girlfriend Roxy (not her real name), and her parents.  Since we all had such a great time we have decided to do it all again.  So I thought it was a good time to go through my Dad's old saltwater tacklebox (with his permission.)

So many lures.  So much stuff.  You see, a lot of the lures, hooks, and line in that tacklebox came from the 80's, with some from the 70's and 90's.  Fishing just started to get too hard for Dad, especially on his back.  So I hadn't been fishing since 1995.  We hadn't used the boat in so long, that Dad sold it, the trailer, and the Mariner outboard motor.  So when I started to go through the tacklebox, it surprised me just how much stuff was in there.  It had to be at least $300 worth of stuff (circa 1980 currency.)

I was a bit worried about going fishing with Roxy's parents.  You see the very last time I went fishing was one of the worst days of my life.  The waves were really rough.  I kept getting knocked around, and ended up with a lot of brusies.  I was so seasick I threw up three times, and couldn't hold water down.  I couldn't even fish, so what was the point of being there?  I begged my Dad to put the boat behind an island where the water was calmer, but my Mom wouldn't let him.  That really made me mad.  In fact, it was the only time I think I ever started to hypervent for any reason.  I just couldn't seem to catch my breath.  I swore I would never go fishing again. 

However, I liked wade fishing with Roxy.  The water actually helped support my back.  It's hard to get seasick when you aren't in a boat getting slammed with wave after wave.

So I got the tacklebox organized.  I now have a very simple set-up.  You see, Roxy's parents use live shrimp.  However, I don't like to have my bait stolen by pinfish.  So, for future fishing, I set up 6 different colored trout touts with quick change swivels.  I also have a silver spoon mackerel lure ready to go.  Since Roxy's Mom caught a mackerel out there, I thought I should have it handy. 

I know Roxy's Dad will say, "Live bait is so much more effective than lures."  However, I can get more casts with a lure, since I'm not spending so much time putting shrimp on my hook.  Also, I like lures over live bait for smaller fish.  Because of the way that you have to hook live bait, it makes it easy for small fish to steal it.  However a lure has a hook further back, and it makes it easier to catch those bait stealing fish.  Also, since we are out at an estruary, there are a lot more smaller fish than larger fish.  But in the end we will have to put it to a head to head test. 

I've said it before, and even said it to Roxy's Mom, it's all about having fun, and enjoying nature.  Of course, Roxy's Mom said it was about beating people in the catch count, and smack talking.  However, it is important to have good days in life.  Sometimes good days just happen, but sometimes you have to make them happen.  That's why I'm looking forward to fishing again.

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