Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dude, Where's My Religion?

Apr 14, 2010

So it's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I consider myself Pagan.  I don't want to talk about philosophy of which religion is right or wrong.  I am worried about the direction Paganism is heading. 

Specifically, the Wiccan part of Paganism.  When Wicca first came into being, it was admitedly started by a bunch of artsy intellectualuals who were a bit out there.  Note:  I am talking about Gerald Gardner and those who branched off of him.  While they were a little bit out there, they were at least educated. 

From there Wicca expanded through the hippie culture.  Then it seemed to expand through the extreme feminist community.  Go to any Wicca event, and it's Godess this, and Goddess that.  What?  No Gods?  Bring that subject up to Wiccan feminists, and watch them try to weasel around the subject.  I just kind of roll my eyes, and let them have their, "Godess Power." 

What worries me is where this is headed.  Now it seems that Wicca has attracted a very white trash crowd.  I don't say this lightly.  I'm not talking about the poor.  I'm talking about a drug using, uneducated, angry bunch.  In fact, I'm not even sure why they are there.

What also worries me is how Wicca seems to attract "damaged" folk.  Especially those women who were/are  1. Beaten by their husbands.  2.  Did a lot of drugs/ alcohol.  3.  Have many kids by many men.  4.  Have way too many tattoos (that look like prison tattoos.)  5.  Screwed up sexually.  6.  Rape/ abuse victims.  7.  Delusional.  8.  Uneducated.

Before anyone gets mad I will explain these one by one.

1.  I've known so many women in Wicca who are manhaters because their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. husband beat them up so many times.  There are so many who are missing teeth, bruised, or have health conditions do to being beat.  As a man, I can't even have a normal conversation with these kind of women.

2.  I've seen a lot of hippies/ former hippies Wiccans who had done a lot of drugs in the past.  In fact, it's amazing how many Wiccans smoke cigerettes and overdo it on alcohol.  At some of the big or independent festivals somewhere/ somehow you will smell pot.

3.  It's just a bit trashy when you see a woman/ man/ couple bring in a load of kids, and you don't know who's belong to who.  I know that there are many mixed marriages out there, but this goes with having a number of husbands/ boyfriends, and kids by all of them.  Then you bring them to a gathering, and let them run loose and cause trouble.  

4.  I'm ok with tattoos, but remember kids, if you are going to put something permanant on yourself, make sure it looks good.  I hate to see tattoos that look like they were done in prison with a homemade inkgun, and ink made of coal and piss.  That's what seems so white trash.  Those who have a ton of ink, and it all looks bad.

5.  This almost goes with the woman who has too many kids.  So she has four kids, and then she has her "life partner."  She was also beaten by any number of her boyfriends/ husbands, and now hates men.  I've also seen a lot of promiscusus behavior in the Wiccan community.  I mean, it's ok to have sex, but have some standards.  There is so much cheating, and open relationships I just don't get it.  Would any other religion condone/ accept this?

6.  I remember listening to Loveline, and hearing Dr. Drew talk about how men can pick out a "willing victim."  I never thought I could pick one out until I started going to Pagan/ Wiccan events.  I could write a very long article about this, but I want to keep it short.  You hear of a woman who has been raped multiple times or abused multiple times.  What has happened is that they don't say no.  They put themselves in a bad situation, and don't say no.  Then, they are raped.  Then they are shocked at how this happened to them.  Then it happens again, and again.  No I am not condoning rape.  What I am not condoning either is women who put themselves in a bad situation, and then don't say no.  Then they yell rape.   

7.  Then there are the ones who actually think they see fairies, unicorns, elves, etc.  I understand there's a little bit of magic, but it's not movie-type magic.  You didn't see fairies flying around the campfire.

8.  This goes equally for men and women.  I've seen plenty of screwed up rituals where people did not know what they were talking about.  In fact, I've seen it too many times to mention.  I've seen women who want to empower themselves with a powerful Goddess, only to know realize that Goddess is not a helpful one, but a destroyer.  I've seen gay men try to bend Gods/ Goddesses to fit their agenda, and not know the history behind those Gods/ Godesses.  What bothers me is that Wicca started with a bunch of intellectuals, and is now in the hands of these uneducated folk.

I don't say any of this to be mean.  I say it because I am worried about where Wicca/ Paganism is headed.  If we loose our educated leaders, we will have no educated persons to take their place.  How will we gain acceptance if we come across as a bunch of retarded, uneducated, manhating, drug addicted, white trash morons?  I will also ask this question again, would any other religion put up with all of this?

Note:  My former Girlfriend Roxy made a comment here, but it was removed when she unfriended me on myspace.  It was some crap about my logic being "circluar" or something.

Melanie That's why I like the Jews.  They've had thousands of years to get their rituals down pat.  And they make their kids study Hebrew and you have to study before you get a Bat Mitzvah.  Very educated and organized, those Jews.  No wonder they run the world.


  1. This was......interesting. Just think you spent Saturday night at the witch's house and feasting was prefaced with a prayer to both God and Goddess. I believe Wicca and witchcraft were meant to be a hereditary spiritual path. Passed from a teacher or small group of teachers. It is about finding what works for you and harming none. Unfortunately when it becomes public it begins to narrow to try to be a religion like all the rest. Sad. I am now more aware of who you are and grateful I was able to read this before I was pranked. The witches and shamans enjoyed your company. I look forward to reading more and look forward to our next gathering.

    1. Dear Jeannie,

      In all fairness, I wrote this seven years ago. I almost don't recognize my own writing. I'll admit, I do come off very angry in this. But at the time I dealt with a lot of "not so great" people. I also had my rotator cuff torn completely apart by members of "our" community. So I'll admit, I had a pretty negative view of Wicca/Paganism.

      I'll admit, I could walk into any church of any denomination and would get along with some, but not others. It's the same with Wicca. I have some friends within the community going back over a decade. But I also have some people who really don't like me.

      I do think Wicca/Paganism in general is very slanted towards women and women's beliefs. Originally it was supposed to be even. I'll go as far to say that it was originally one of the most down the middle religions regarding men and women (especially considering the times.) But I haven't seen that for a long time.

      I will always continue learning. And if I am wrong on a subject, I'll be glad to enlighten myself. I find the older I get, the less I actually know about this world. So I still have a lot of learning to do.

      But as far as my thoughts on the community. I think you would like to read this blog called, "The Blue Tent."