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Draft Day

Apr 22, 2010

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It's the greatest day today.  The start of the NFL draft.  This year the draft is three days long, and I am going to love every second of it.  This is the deepest draft in years due to all the underclassmen entering.  That's because the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) is going to run out after this year.  It's believed that the salary cap and the way rookies are paid are going to be changed.  So all the players are taking their chances this year, and becoming draft elegible. 

Due to the Bucs terrible season they have the 3rd overall draft pick in each round.  Due to trades and such the Bucs have 12 total picks in 7 rounds.  Since the Bucs have completely avoided free agency, they have come out and said that they would concentrate on the draft.  I personally think that is a completely terrible way to run a football club.  The Bucs have not drafted well the last eight years.  I love the draft, but if they are going to screw up picks, I would rather them trade their pickes than waste them.

Frankly, it comes down to money.  The Bucs aren't going to pay any free agents.  They are putting all their bets on the draft.  Namely, because it's cheaper to do that.  I love my hometown team, but I also realize that they have spent the least amount of money on player's payroll of any of the 32 teams.  The owners (The Glazer family) also own the soccer club Manchester United.  They took out heavy loans to buy the controling interest in the club.  When they did that amount of money being spent on the Buccaneers took a dive.

Buc's General Manager Mark Dominic came out and agree that if this draft picks didn't turn out well, he was sure to be fired.  I wouldn't feel good about that if I was a General Manager with the draft record that the Bucs have.  But I will give him credit.  He did revamp the draft department within the organization.  I also feel that him and Coach Raheem Morris are on the same page with the players they want, and the players who will fit the Buccaneer system. 

These days it's tough to be a Buccaneers fan.  But, every year every team in the NFL is a winner on draft day.  Except the N.Y. Jets.  Those guys always screw it up.

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