Saturday, February 26, 2011

Destruction for Palm Trees

April 6, 2008

Man, I hate cutting down palm trees.  Today I cut down two.  Everyone thinks running a chainsaw is fun.  Palm trees are so fiberous they dull a chainsaw blade down to nothing.  I know the professional tree cutters go through one chain per palm tree.  Palm trees are heavy, dense, and the wood is good for nothing.  Not to mention the thousands of carpenter ants that live in the top of them.  I can still smell the particular odor of chainsaw mixed gas exhaust, and chain oil.  On top of that it rained on and off the entire time I was working.  So far I’ve spent 2 different days cutting down palm trees, and there’s one more tree still standing that I will have to get to next week.  Man, I hate cutting down palm trees.

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