Saturday, February 26, 2011

Destruction for Diesel Fuel

June 23, 2008

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So after nearly a year of trying to get into trucking school, I finally paid and am ready to go.  I start Monday night, and attend M-F nights, and Sunday days.  It's been one delay after another, but finally a few things when through. 

In an attempt to be funny, I did my best mafia impersonation of pushing an evelope across the desk of my recruiter Pat.  The evelope contained the payment for my schooling.  Needless to say, I really surprised him.  Most students borrow from Roadmaster, and it costs a lot more to do so.  I can understand, since it's an unsecured loan.  I just did what I always do, borrow against one of my credit cards.  (Which I have great rates on by the way.)

So my training with Roadmaster lasts 4 weeks, and then I move onto the training with the company of my choice.  At this time it seems Covenant Transport is going to be my future employer. 
Here's something strange.  I attend Werner Trucking's presentation.  I get dressed up nice (like interview nice), so I can impress them.  I sit through the presentation, and take notes.  After the presentation, I go to talk to one of the recruiters, and he completely blows me off.  I'm wondering, "What are you even giving a presentation for?  You say you wanta hire people, and then you immediately blow them off when they want to talk to you about working for your company?  Come on."

Anyway, there's lots of trucking companies out there.  If Werner doesn't want their recruiters to recruit that's fine.  I can't get too upset if every company doesn't want to hire me.  Especially with this current economy.  A lot of trucking companies are either going into debt, or going under.  Overall, I think I'll be fine.

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