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Back at work on the electric cello project

Mar. 5, 2009

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So I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd write a short post about what I've been doing lately. 

For the last year and a half, or two years (I can't remember it's been so long) I have been working on the electric cello project.  Since I was out trucking I wasn't home to work on it.  So I haven't worked on it for over half a year.  So I decided to get back on the horse, get motivated, and start working on it. 

I first had to get a special drill bit to drill out the hole for the endpin.  I also had to clear out some of wood on the inside of the body.  Good news, everything fits well, and I feel like I got it drilled and fitted just right.  I then spent a lot of time working on the neck.  It was mostly shaping, and sanding but it was very time consuming.  I also took out some of the high spots on the fretboard.  Since it is made out of Black and White Ebony it is unbelieveably hard.  So that actually took a while.  Then I glued the fretboard, and neck together.  (Note: this is the short version of what happened.  I don't want to go into the long version since it would bore most people.  Truthfully, at this point it was mostly shaping and sanding.  It just took a long time.)

I then took a piece of African Blackwood, and had Dad shape up a piece of Black Walnut.  Together they are being made into the microphone holder.  I have to until I get the neck glued on the body before I can continue with the mic holder.  I don't want to place it, and then realize that it's in the wrong spot.  That would not be a good thing.
I did lay the cello parts together to see what it would look like, and it kind of surprised me.  There are so many colors on it.  Once I put a finish on it, the colors will really pop out. But that's down the road a ways.  I have been working on a jig to cut out the dovetail joint on the body.  I have to get it perfect, or else the whole thing won't work.  It's actually kind of nerve-racking knowing that I have to get this perfect, and only have one shot at it.  So I have been taking my time.  Also the way I have to make this jig is kind of difficult, so that's really time consuming.

To understand a little more of what I'm talking about feel free to check out the pictures in the myphotos section.  It's under "Electric Cello Project."  As things happen I will continually upload pictures.

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