Sunday, February 27, 2011

Adrian reminisces about his childhood days with the Boy Scouts

Mar. 6, 2009

Here's a fun trivia question.  What organization has Adrian been a part of for 12 1/2 years of his life?

Answer:  The Boy Scouts of America.

That's right, I started when I was in Cub Scouts, and stayed 10 years.  I then was a Assistant Scoutmaster for 2 years, and then worked for the Boy Scout High Adventure Camp, Philmont Scout Ranch.

There are so many memories that I have from Boy Scouts, but this is one of the sillyist.  A lot of people don't know, but the Boy Scouts recruit harder than all of the U.S Armed Forces put together.  I can't even begin to tell you how cut-throat it is.  So my point is the Boy Scouts do all sorts of things, and have lots of promos to recruit members.

I was in my third year of Boy Scouts (7th overall) when one of the members of the Gulf Ridge Council told us that the Boy Scouts had a new music video to help recruit members.  Honestly, it is so bad that's it's good in a MST 3000 type way.  I used to sing this song to my sister to annoy the crap out of her it's so bad.  It's not just bad, it's totally 80's.  Listen to the guitar riffs in it.  It screams hair metal!  It's everything you wanted to know about the Boy Scouts in the 80's but were afraid to ask.

So, if I did this correct, the awfully bad video (via Youtube) should be at the bottom.  I'm sorry for the quality, but you have to remember it was on VHS cassette, and then transferred to Youtube.  Remember, it was the 80's/ early 90's, we didn't have DVD then.  We had laser disks.  Anyone remember that?

So my friends, enjoy, or gag in horror.  It's your call, but don't sing it out loud to your sister.  She will hate that.

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