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40 Theses

Dec 25, 2010

To make a long story short, I had a terrible driver trainer at Covenant.  After four days I asked for a new trainer.  My fleet manager asked me to give him a chance as I was his first student, so I said yes.  For this post I will call my trainer “Mudbutt.”  Manly due to the fact that he made a big deal that he needed a shower because he had mudbutt. 
Anyway, I had finally had enough of it after two weeks, and said that I had enough.  I talked to my fleet manager, and he routed us back to Chattanooga.  I then talked to the team coordinator about Mudbutt.  He asked me to write up what the problem was.  He gave me two sheets of paper.  I needed six.  The following is what I wrote to my boss.  It is a list of point by point reasons of why I wanted a new trainer.  The following is absolutely true.  I did not make any of this up.  I stand by everything.
November 26, 2010
To:  (Boss) Student Manager, Covenant Transportation
From:  Me, (Student #)
Dear (Boss),
            Enclosed are the following reasons I wish to end my training with Mudbutt, and request a new trainer.
1A. He wanted me to sleep in the top bunk of the semi while he was driving. 
1B. He put the truck in motion while I was in the top bunk without saying anything. 
2.  He left me and the truck in the back of a hotel for a day, while he spent time with his “woman.”  The Pomona terminal was only 24 miles away.  I had no facilities or running water except for a Denny’s on the other side of the hotel.
3.  Because of spending time with his “woman” we were late for our load.  It was given to us on Saturday, we didn’t leave until Sunday.
4.  On the same load I worked a 13 hour shift (11 driving, 2 on duty.)  When it was his turn to drive he said he was too tired, and slept 12 hours.
5.  He only showered once every four days.
6.  Cursed out a lot jockey.
7.  Almost got us killed.  He told me to make a right on red when other cars had the right of way.  I said, “No.”  And at that time a ..Sterling.. semi truck through the intersection.  If I had gone when he said to go we would have been hit.
8.  Told me not to let people merge in front of me in a traffic jam.
9.  Drives very aggressively.
10.  Drives 68 MPH. no matter the posted speed limit, or conditions. 
11.  Has no “roommate” concept.
12.  Wants to use his Pilot card to get points even when it’s my turn to fuel.  (Stealing from me.)
13.  Does not downshift.  He just uses the clutch, and then puts a great strain on the engine.
14.  Tailgates cars.
15.  Acts like the road belongs to him, and other vehicles are in his way.
16.  Refuses to park at a terminal until directly told.
17.  Terrible time management.
18.  Told me not to bother with security Macro #34.  Even when instructed to by security.
19.  Did not send a Macro 2 (forgot), and then blamed me.  Told (fleet manager) it was my fault.  Did this right in front of me.
20.  It has been so long since he has done a paper log, he does not know the basic rules of a paper log.
21.  Treats me as his personal slave.
22.  Told me to “hurry up” while I hooked up the trailer while he talked on the phone/ talked to other drivers.
23.  I have not learned the first thing under Mudbutt.
24.  I can not understand 75% of what he says.  He does not have a basic understanding of the English language. 
25.  Loud!  Screams when he talks.
26.  I have awakened EVERY SINGLE NIGHT/ DAY by him blasting rap music/ yelling on the phone.
27.  Once spent 16 straight hours talking/ yelling on the phone.
28.  Doesn’t want me standing on his Cowboys rug in the back of the truck.
29.  When at the Cherokee Nation Trading Post asked the racist comment, “Where’s John Redcorn?”  (From King of the Hill.)
30.  Wastes time.  Fuels at one truck stop, showers at another, then eats at another, instead of doing all three at one stop.
31.  Does not lock truck doors when away from the truck.
32.  Does not have a lock for trailer doors.
33.  I feel like I work harder than him.
34.  Hit/ flirted/ came on to a married woman at one of our pickup stops.
35.  Yells/ leers/ gocks at any woman who passes by. 
36.  Idles the truck in California.
37.  Does not use the A.P.U. even though the truck has one.
38.  We once drove 300 miles out of our way since he did not have tire chains for the truck.  (Note: He does have chains now.)
39.  Will pull over and stop on the side of the interstate, instead of pulling off on an off ramp.
40.  Does not have an inverter or cooler.
I hope this clears up my reasons for wanting a new trainer.
Employee number
Telephone number

It should be noted that Mudbutt has been taken off the training program.  Although, he does still work for the company.

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