Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adrian: Amatuer Craftsman, The Bathroom Cabinet, Part 1

I have a big empty space in my bathroom.  It's true.  Here's a picture.

Really big and empty huh?  For years I have thought of putting a cabinet there, but have never gotten around to it.  So I checked out Home Depot's cabinets and saw exactly what I wanted.  But then I read the reviews.  It seems the cabinet I wanted was made out of particle board with a lot of paint over it.  And they wanted $80 for it to boot.  The reviews were completely scathing, saying they should be ashamed to charge that much for such a piece of crap, and you still had to assemble it!

So I decided, "Hey, I'm a woodworker.  I can build my own cabinet."  And why not?  I have all this hardwood lying around, I might as make it for free!  I decided to make it in a folk art style.  Kind of an open cabinet meets folk art style.

I won't bore you with all the details, and how I completely overheated myself for the first time in 17 years.  No, it's picture time.  I didn't get a shot of it with naked wood.  So here it is after the primer coat, and one coat of paint.

You know what I just realized?  That is the back of the cabinet.  It sure is.  But that's okay.  Because I will most likely have two more blogs about this cabinet.  The second one will show the cabinet once it is painted white for the final time.  The third blog will show it on the wall, and with all the folk art designs on it.

Oh, did I not mention that?  Yes, my girlfriend Lili (not her real name) and myself will paint some designs on it to match my bathroom.  I'm sure this will look great once it's all complete. 

Stay tuned for more.

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