Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Adrian: Amateur Handyman

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It all started with a Girlfriend, Lyli (not her real name.)  And then it continued when she made a much needed move into a new place.  It seems the previous tenants did their best to destroy the place she moved into.  So the landlords (an old man and his sons) have been doing their best to repair and restore the house as quickly as they can.  But Lyli wants to put a few add-ons to the house. 

That's where I come in.  I can repair a guitar, and do fine work, but can I do house repairs?  Well, it's either put up or shut up, and I'm gonna put up.  It's time for me to become Mr. Do it all handyman.  It's kind of like being a husband with a honey-do list, except for the marriage part.  Luckily I have taken pictures of everything.  And what's a blog without big ole pictures?

First up was building the plant beds.  The pictures from that can be seen in the two blogs I posted at the top of the page.

Next up was laying patio bricks.  Lyli wanted them in a checkerboard (red and white) pattern.  So first we had to clean out the back of her Ford Explorer, and then make the trip to Home Depot.  However, we couldn't fit 136 bricks in the back of her truck.  We could only get 80.  Which lead to the interesting thought about moving really heavy patio bricks. 

1.  You move them from the shelf to the cart.  2.  You move them again from the cart to the truck.  3.  Then you move them yet again from the truck to the ground.  Now these things weigh a ton.  Or at least 800 pounds, from the best I can figure.  Seriously, 80 bricks time 10 pound a piece?  That's 800 pounds.  You should have seen how the Explorer was sitting low.

But after all my moving the front looked like this:

And even the dog enjoys it.

Now obviously, you can see where some tiles still need to go.  But I definitely know that the other 56 needed tiles would not fit in the truck.  With that much weight in it, it might have been scraping the ground.  But I'm happy with it so far.  I get the rest finished up on the next trip to Home Depot.  And hey!  I'll get another blog out of it.

Next up was the missing railing.  I think the house had it before, but it might have rotted or been trashed by the previous tenants.  So here's the before pic.

As you can see, no rails.  But I did something about it.  Here's the after picture.

As you can see, I added the wood (the wood without paint on it) support and rails.  I added the top beam so that Lyli can hang wind chimes from it.  Here's a better view of it.

As you can see, I already added the nails into the wood to hang stuff.  That way I don't have to do it later.  I like thinking ahead like that.

So next up is the planting.  Now that I have the garden beds built it was time to add some plants next to the bromeliads.  Here's the before picture.

And here's the plants we bought.  Note:  We were able to buy these from a number of vendors at the flea market as well as Home Depot.

So I was working with very little daylight when I started planting them.  I wanted to finish before it was dark so I could take pictures.  Luckily, the camera I was using has a really strong flash.  So if these pictures look a little odd, it's because it was almost dark when I took them.

So that's where I am so far.  Here's the future projects I will be attempting over the next few weeks.  1.  I will complete the brick patio.  2.  Primer and paint will be added to the front door, steps, and ramp.  (It will be an awesome shade of red.)  3.  Rails will be added to the back steps.  4.  Then the back porch will be primed and painted.  5.  Then the painting will be moved inside.  The kitchen needs painted.  And yes, it will be red.  6.  Then the trellises need to be replaced, and Lyli wants them painted as well.  7.  Once summer comes around I may start to plant more plant beds. 

The good news is that this will give me plenty of blogs to write about.  I feel that I have been slacking lately on writing my blogs.  But more importantly, Lyli is really appreciative of the repairs I have been making. 

On a funny note, I told her that she should ask for a discount on her rent for all the repairs she's having done.  It couldn't hurt to ask could it?

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