Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have a friend in Shawn Kyle.  You may or may not know him from his band, "The Beauvilles."  We have a bit in common in that we both love old beat-up guitars and motorcycles.  I don't ride, but I do admire the machinery of motorcycles. 

It struck me as weird when I came across a motorcycle show in the weirdest place.  It was in the "bad" mall in Ashland, Kentucky.  Half the stores were empty, and the half that had merchandise were closed in the middle of the day on a Wednesday.  But in this mostly empty mall was a store with about 50 vintage motorcycles.  Unfortunately, the store was closed, but it did have see through panels letting me view all the motorcycles.

In the front was something that stood out so much it reminded me of Shawn.  You see, Shawn has a thing for vintage Triumph motorcycles.  There in the front, was a completely restored 1967 Triumph motorcycle. 

Cue the pics!!!

I don't imagine Shawn as the crying kind, but I do think he might tear up if he was on one side of the glass, and couldn't touch it.  I'm having trouble remembering, but I think that the 67 is his favorite year of Triumph bikes.  Even if it isn't, this was a pretty impressive specimen of a motorcycle.

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