Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pointing! Into The Woods!

I like to take pictures.  But I hate the standard smile for the camera kind.  I think it's very artificial.  So I always find a way to make my pictures unique.  Of course, that means that some people will absolutely hate them.  Generally that is most of my family.

I remember one time when Mom got her new camera, and was taking lots of pictures.  I started doing a thumbs up in every single picture.  It's funny how some little things can drive a person up the wall.  Well, the thumbs up would do that to her.  It got to the point where I could give a thumbs up at the dinner table, and it would make her mad.  So of course I kept doing it.

One time during hunting season our hunting buddy John (not to be confused with my Dad John) kept asking us where we wanted to hunt.  Dad would just point and say, "In the woods."  So I had a picture taken with me pointing to where I was going to hunt.  Namely, in the woods.  This is it.

So it became this ongoing joke.  Hence, my newest hilarious picture.

Then, I even got Dad in on the act.

In the following days I hope to get a lot more pictures of relatives pointing into the woods.  I'm sure I can get one of my Grandma pointing.  She will do anything for me.  I'm the good Grandson.  Actually, maybe I can get a whole family tree of relatives pointing.  One can only dream.

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