Monday, April 11, 2011

Bitch'in Camaro!

So while I was at the Civil War reenactment in Kentucky, they had a car show for the car enthusists like me.  "That's great!" I thought.  I walked over to where the cars were, and was kind of disappointed.  There were only 10 vehicles, and 6 of them were Camaros.

I mean, you know you are in the South when you see that many Camaros bunched together.  There was an old joke when Chevy discontinued the Camaro.  People asked, "What are the rednecks going to drive now?"

But a lot of people reading this know me.  They know that I tend to joke around/ gag people a lot.  Well, for your viewing pleasure, here are six vintage Camaros.

1.  The Silver Camero

2.  A different Silver Camaro (1969)

3.  The Blue Camero.

4.  The 1968 Black Camero.

5.  The 1969 "Other" Black Camaro.

6.  The "Yet Another" Black Camero from 1968.

So all these Cameros lead me to one thought.  It's time for a mid-life crisis, and for me to buy and fix up and old muscle car.  I prefer Early 70's Dodge muscle cars like the Charger and Challenger.  But yeah, it's a perfectly good time for me to have a mid-life crisis.  Especially if I can get a car to look like any of the six above.

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