Monday, April 11, 2011

Adrian: Good Christian Boy

So I am up here in West Virginia on vacation.  On Sunday I decided to be a good Grandson to my dear Grandmother Betty.  She is my last remaining grandparent, and is soon to be 82.  I realize I only have so much time left to spend with her.  So I decided to take her to church on Sunday, and stay for the service. 

She has a friend who sits next to her by the name of Macie.  My Grandma started telling me that Macie helped her become a better singer when my Grandmother was 17.  Grandma Betty is 81 soon to be 82.  Macie is dang near in her 90's.  They have been friends that long.  That just blew my mind.  Macie is as sweet as can be, but now has a bit of confused memory/ loss of memory.

Macie asked me, "Do you know how long I have been on this Christian path?"  I said, "72 years?"  To which she replied, "72 years!"  I said, "I know because you have told me a couple times."  Which is true, she told me about four different times.  My Grandmother told me that she'll do it to me next week too.  But I do want to add that Macie was as sweet as could be.  She was just amazingly nice.  Instead of being angry at people, she said she really liked young people.  To me that was a real surprise.  So many older people I know just hate young people.  She was genuinely nice.

She was so happy to see me.  She said, "It's so good for you to be here.  You're a good Christian boy."  Then my Grandmother said, "He's the best of all my Grandchildren.  He'll come to church with me."  Oh, she said this to a lot of people, as in, 20.  A lot of them replied, "Well, that's one way to tell."  In other words, you could easily separate the best of the bunch by which ones came to church. 

The funny part of all this is that I don't consider myself Christian.  Now, I didn't bother to correct anyone.  I kind of thought the whole thing funny.  But I do want to spend time with my Grandma, so I didn't mind driving and going to church with her.  But I do want to be voted the best of the Grandchildren.

When my Sister told my Mother that I went to church with Grandma, my Mother said, "Praise the Lord!"  To which my Sister said, "Mom!  He's not going to stop being Pagan just because he went to Church with Grandma."  Mom said, "No, I'm just glad that he made sure that Grandma got there safely, and that he kept an eye out for her." 

Of course, I think that's total b.s.  I think Mom is hoping I will repent from my ways.  And probably shave and get a haircut.  And stop cursing so much.  And stop cooking such spicy food.  But I digress.

I was glad to spend some time with Grandma and her longtime friend Macie.  Here is a picture of them  My Grandma Betty is on the left, and Macie is on the right.

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