Thursday, February 13, 2014

Repairing Josh's Guitar.... Yet Again

So my buddy Josh has a bad habit of breaking the neck on his Dean Acoustic.  Here's the original posts from last year.

Part 1:

Part 2:

So he was leaning his guitar against the wall instead of leaving it in it's case.  And you know what happened.  It fell forward, and busted the neck again. 

Of course he doesn't tell me about this.  It's too embarrassing to him, as he's sure I will take pictures and write a blog about it.  Okay, I am doing the blog thing right now.  But I get it from him, and give it a look over.  A broken neck will never break where the previous glue joint was, in that, the glue is stronger than the wood.  So it busted in a different place, but not a bad place.

Normally I would show the picture of the break right here, but I forgot to take one.  I will say this was one of the easier breaks I dealt with.  It didn't break all the way though.  So I stuffed the break full of glue, thinned it out, and forced it down all the way down the break.  Then I clamped it and let it set for three days just to make sure.  Since the break didn't take out any chips of wood, I decided to buff it out instead of sanding it, and it came out smooth.

Now I took this picture with my close up lens, and a HECK of a lot of flash.  Namely, I wanted the crack to show.  But remember, under normal light you don't really see the break(s.)  And the fact that it's on the back of the guitar doesn't hurt. 

Again, under the light it looks rough, but after putting it on the buffer, it's very smooth.  I've had it strung up for a few days now, and it hasn't come apart yet, so that's a good sign. 

So I have worked my magic again.  It will be able to be played once more.  And if Josh breaks it again, once more I will repair it. 

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