Thursday, January 1, 2015

That Will Be The Death Of Me, Part 2

To understand this post a little better, read part 1.

A funny thing happened to the tree I hate.  A few months ago it stopped growing limbs.  And then, the limbs that it had started dying.  For some strange reason, it seems the tree that I thought would be the death of me, has itself, died. 

I didn't expect this.  I had expected this thing to outlive my Father, and then I would have to deal with it.  Now, we have a dead canary island date palm tree that we will both have to try to remove. 

Now this presents a number of problems.  First, this thing may not look too big, but it is heavy.  Next, palm trees are very fibrous, and dull chainsaw blades almost immediately.  What really makes this thing a pain is that, it has giant ball roots, and a ton of work will have to be put in to unearth them.  I'm also afraid that all the plants that surround the palm tree will be damaged as we try to move the canary island date palm. 

There is always the option of letting the palm tree sit there and rot a bit.  That way, it will make it easier to cut and move.  However, that will make the whole driveway look terrible.  No one wants to have a dead tree right in their front circle. 

So I will have to confer with my still very much alive Father on what he wants to do with it.  The one thing I am sure of is that, I don't want another one of those canary island date palm trees placed back in there. 

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