Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cat Craziness Explained

Before I start, I have to admit that I did not discover the truth about cat craziness myself.  I learned it from Adam Corolla when he was on Loveline.  I just want to explain it to younger and further generations so they can understand it. 

When dealing with cat owners you have to come to the realization that they are a certain degree of crazy.  I mean, why would you deal with this?

So here's the math behind cat craziness.  Basically you have to get exponential on the craziness instead of adding it.  For instance:

1 Cat = 1.  So your level of crazy is 1.

2 Cats = 2X2=4.  So with two cats your level of crazy has gone to 4.

3 Cats =  3X3X3=27.  Once you hit three cats you can see the level of crazy is starting to really go up.  27 is a lot of craziness.

4 Cats = 4X4X4X4=256.  At this point it is impossible to have a normal conversation with someone who has reached that level of crazy.

Basically, if you have that many cats, you are kind of doing this:

But the other question I get is, "What about dogs?"

Well, basically it boils down to this.  Dogs are cool.  There's no level of dog craziness.  Yeah, dogs are cool.

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