Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adrian: Amateur Gardener, Part 4

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Basically I wanted to do an update on all the plants that I planted for my girlfriend Lili (not her real name.)  Here in Florida we are starting to get into our rainy season, and honestly, the rain has been coming down. 

First up, the Coleus.  When we first got them, they were maybe five inches high.  With a little water they kind of grew.

Yeah, they got tall really quick.  I mean, I didn't think Coleus got that tall.  And I don't think they are done yet.  There are some very small buds starting to pop up.  I think I will be posting another blog about these Coleus in the future. 

Next up are the Vinkas.  They had a few buds on them, but again, with a little rain they have really taken off.

Even the donkey's ear is doing well.  I think it needed to put down some deep roots first, but it has been steadily growing.

And the bromeliads always do well. 

But look closer at that picture.  Here, let me help.

They are starting to breed.  And they are wanting to take over.... the flower bed.

More updates to come.  Stay tuned.

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