Monday, May 13, 2013

Adrian: Amateur Handyman, Part 2

To understand this a little better check out this blog first:

Adrian: Amateur Handyman

I have continued to improve the front steps of my girlfriend Lili's (not her real name) front steps.  She wanted a hand rail on the left side of the steps, so I put built one for her.  This was not too bad of a job.  The strenuous part of the job was digging a two foot hole with the post hole digger.  Once I got the 4X4 post in the ground, the hard part of the job was over. 

Next, I added a 2X4 post to complete the rail.  That was all I needed to do.  It was holding great, and it blended right in.  Here's the pictures of it.

Next I completed laying down the patio stones that I started a month ago.  I added another 60 stones, and once completed, it looked great. 

Next up, I did something that just needed done.  I painted the mailbox, and put numbers on it.  I really wish I had a "before" picture of it because it looked awful.  It really did.  But with a little paint on it, it looks great.  Here's the "after" picture.

I'm sure the mail lady will thank me. 

More work will be coming.  I still have to paint the front and back steps.  So more work, and thus more blogs to come!

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