Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Green Recliner

We all have things we miss from our previous relationships.  In fact, I wrote about something that I missed in one of my previous posts entitled, "I still miss someone."


That of course, was about the guinea pig named Punky who I missed.  Well, there was something else left behind from that relationship that I miss.  That would be the green recliner.

It all started when my former girlfriend Roxy moved into a new apartment.  We were moving things in, and then throwing the moving boxes away in the dumpster.  Well, low and behold.  Someone threw out a perfectly good Lay-Z-Boy recliner by the dumpster.  It just needed some Febreze, and boom, it was great and born again.

So when we broke up there was the exchanging of the stuff.  In the exchanging of the stuff I didn't get the recliner.  I should have because Roxy never liked it.  I imagine that she went ahead and threw it out.  That just bothers me in so many ways.

You see I have this friend Josh who just moved into an apartment.  I'm not sure if he is "Spartan or poor."  I think it's a little of both.  Anyway, I think that he could have really used such a great, green recliner.  I know he would appreciate it's fine comfyness, and the way it just seems to hug you when you sit in it.  In fact, I'm sure he would be 50% less productive with that recliner in his apartment.

A find like this is just a one in a lifetime find.  I liken it to the guys who find the perfect dinosaur bones.  Maybe one day I will be in my own place, with nothing.  And out of that nothing, I will find the perfect recliner.  Cause really, no one likes to actually pay for something that good.  The trick is getting it for free.

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