Friday, September 9, 2011

Adrian Gets Back On The Horse

Well, I've finally cooled off from being so angry.  I was not hired by Con-Way.  The way they went about it was cold.  Really cold.  Basically after four days of being in orientation, I talked to a woman who said I had four misdemeanors that I did not report.  I have no clue what she was talking about since I don't have four misdemeanors.  She then proceeded to call me a liar, and told me to get of of the hotel.  When I had arrived at the hotel, sixteen people were invited to orientation.  When I left, there were four remaining.

I was a bit angry.  Yeah, pretty angry.

I kept my cool, packed my bags, and got out of the hotel.  I came straight home, and kind of moped for four days.  On my way home I saw something that I took as a sign.

I saw three semi trucks of the same kind for a company called Carroll Fulmer Trucking.  They were all driving one behind each other.  I figured well, they must be a Florida company, or a company that drives into Florida.  So on Tuesday I gave them a call.

I put my application in, and then I gave them a call.  The good news was that they are a Florida company, drive in Florida, and hire Florida drivers.  Fast forward two days, and they said I was cleared, and I was signed up for orientation on Monday.  The other good news for me was that they drive really nice trucks, not some of the junky trucks I have seen other driver's behind the wheel of.

So on Monday, I will attend orientation for Carrol Fulmer Trucking in Groveland, Fl.  Luckily, it is only 66 miles from the house.  So when I return for home time, I will be able to park the truck in the terminal, and I won't have far to travel to return home. 

After the crap that went down with Con-Way I don't want to say that I am hired with Carrol Fulmer.  I do have to do the usual, 1.  Paperwork, 2.  Physical, 3.  Drug Test, 4.  Road Test, 5.  Backing Test,  6.  More paperwork, 7.  Learning how their system(s) work, and how to fill out their forms correctly.  If I do get hired, I will hit the road immediately.  Since the terminal is so close to the house, I am taking everything with me so I can load up the truck right then.

They mostly move freight in the Southeast, but I can be sent anywhere in the lower 48 states.  I've actually never run too much freight in the Southeast.  I've mostly run out West and back.  But for year round trucking, the South should be a nice place to run.

As I get internet connections I will keep everyone updated on my happenings.  I will make sure to take pictures of what I see.  I never know what I will run into.


  1. Just wondering, are you still with CF? Did/do you like it there?

  2. No, I only drove with them for about 4 months. They sent me to some of the worst places I have ever been. When I quit, they screwed me over on my DAC, and I have never driven since. My advice would be to stay away from that redneck operation.

    They never once paid for a penny of layover time, even though I constantly got dicked over by the places I delivered to. The recruiters lied to every single driver there about what the pay and benefits were like. And even though they screwed me over, I have received a letter from them once a month wanting me to come back and drive for them. One hand of that operation does not know what the other hand is doing.

    Again, it's a redneck operation that would gladly tell any driver to stay away from. I mean, it's bad when I say that Covenant Transportation was better to drive for. The big difference is that Covenant was team only, and Carroll Fulmer did not have any team driving.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do.