Monday, March 21, 2011

Idle Hands Catterpillar Hats, and Amazing Blog #201

It's true that I have an amazing imagination.  This of course, gets me in a lot of trouble. That combined with a lot of free time get me in even more trouble.  Case in point:  My sister has a stuffed animal caterpillar named Keith.  Why she named him Keith I have no idea.  But she did. 

I was looking at Keith, and thought, "I bet he could use a hat."  Why I would think this I have no idea.  But to tell the truth, Keith really could use a hat.  So I made him a hat.  I wanted a hat like Slash from Guns N' Roses/ Velvet Revolver wears so I made one like that. 

Then I thought he could use a drink so I poured him one.  I think he really appreciated it.  This sounds good but without a picture is kind of boring.  So here's why you clicked the link in the first place, a great picture.

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