Monday, March 14, 2011

I Wear No Pants

So this is day six of me being in the hospital, and I have yet to wear pants.  I'm not even wearing underwear.  But dammit!  I better make sure that I am wearing my ugly yellow socks with super track grip.  This place is so strange.  Everyone wants to know about my poo.  They get disappointed when they don't get the answer they like when regarding my poo.  Why?  It's my poo.  It's not their poo.  What do they need to know about my poo for anyway?

I hope to get back to the Covenant Hotel sometime tonight.  My Doctor (Dr. Mena) will be making the rounds tonight at around 5 PM.  If I don't get out tonight, then it will be sometime tomorrow. 

Dad was pretty nice to me today.  We went down to a book fair that was held downstairs, and he bought me a huge guitar lesson book.  It's what I would call a medium level book.  A lot of books are beginner or artist collections, but it's tough to find that medium level book. 

I'll be happy to back at the Covenant Hotel.  I will be able to get on Facebook there.  I only wish I could have been playing Frontierville all this time.  I have cows to feed, and white buffalo to nurse back to health. 

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