Monday, March 14, 2011

Don't I Get A Penguin With This Surgery?

Last time I was in the hospital I got a penguin.  I was of course, seven years old.  But I got a penguin.  I named him Junior after my Dad.  He is a Junior.  I did end up getting a guitar book.  They were having a book fair downstairs, and I found a good medium level guitar book.  So Dad bought that for me.

Today was a rough day.  There's a World War 2 veteran next door, and he's having flashbacks due to the Japanese earthquake.  All the nurses are trying to calm him down, and I find myself hours past the time my medications are due.  My Doctor came by, and he removed my packing and drainage tube while I had no pain medication in me.  Still, that wasn't as bad as when I looked at my cut on my chest.  I should not have done that.  It's okay when it's someone else, but it's terrifying when it's your chest. 

The good news is that I will be leaving the hospital on Tuesday morning.  I will finally get rid of this dang I.V. bag.  It makes me have to pee every hour or so.  I'll just be glad to take a shower.  They won't let me take a shower because they believe it gives me a higer risk of infection.  So I am going to scrub like I have never scrubbed.  Here's to soap and deoderant.

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