Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lost Rosewood and The Yellow Jacket Massacre

This story starts long ago, er, at least a few years ago.  It started when I was able to procure some really nice rosewood for a couple of projects.  In fact, here's some pictures of the rosewood that I was able to get.

And here is a picture of me, taking pictures of the rosewood.

Yes, that really is me.  The computer properties tell me that picture was taken in November, 2011.  So, my main point is that, it is the right time to use the rosewood for a project.  It usually takes a year for a piece of wood to air dry, but a Florida summer is like two years.  So I figure these pieces of wood have 7 years worth of drying out. 

It's time I used those pieces of wood for a project, and I have the perfect project.  In fact, I wrote about it the post before this one.

So I go to where I stash my personal wood.  The rosewood is not there.

I go to another pile.  It's not there.

I check behind the door.  It's not there.

I check underneath the bench (after I move all the heavy equipment, and throw out some rotten wood.)  It's still not there.

I check in Dad's piles of wood.  It's not there.

Sidenote:  At this point I am starting to get irritated. 

The only logical place left is the outside building.  We mostly store lawn-mowing equipment, and chemicals.  But we also have a pile of wood in there.  It's mostly maple and cherry brought back from West Virginia.  So I open the doors, and things start flying by me.  Yellow Jackets.

No, not the Georgia Tech kind, the kind that are none too nice.  As I tried to move my pieces of wood around, they came pouring out.  One stung my Dad on the ear, and another got me on the leg.  That meant war.  So we went against the Geneva Convention, and declared chemical warfare.

So I waited a day, opened up the doors, and went to town with a spray can of wasp killer.  I ended up putting a bunch of them out of their misery.  I tore down the nest they had made.... IN MY WOOD!  Let's just say, it was a bloody massacre.  I'd show you pictures but....

So I spent time cleaning up the mess, and sweeping out the dead bodies.  Then I came what I meant to do, look for my wood.  And you know what?

I didn't find it.

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