Saturday, July 20, 2013

Adrian: Amatuer Handyman/ Stairmaster

I am Homer D. Poe, the weekend warrior.  Instead of going adventuring in the forest and such, I go to Home Depot, and then start repairing my girlfriend Lili's place.  This weekend was all about building stair rails on the back stairs.  You see, Lili has trouble with her balance and has always worried about going up and down the stairs on the back.  So today was the day I started working on the rails.

This was going to be quite simple, but quite involved.  Due to the height of the 4X4 posts, I was going to have to first dig them in a hole two feet deep, and then use carriage bolts to hold the post to the stairs.  Again, it sounds simple, but it's lots of hard work and very time consuming.  I mean, who gets up at 7 AM on a Saturday voluntarily?

First up, it's time to dig the hole, and drop the post in.  But before that I am trying to get a shot of what I will be working on.  And then Monster the Dog gets in the way.

So here is a better shot.

Here's one of my clamps holding the post in place while I secure carriage bolts to it.

Next up, I will speed up the story.  Let's just say it's 2,3,4,5 more posts go in.

Monster the Dog just loves to get involved in the photo shots.

So next up was adding the rails to the posts.  And after that was that magical feeling after hours of work, you know the job is done.


I already see next week's job.  Laying down the primer on it.  And then the week after that, painting the stairs and rails a nice red color.

But that's not my only work for the day.  I also do small jobs.  Things like putting knobs on the bathroom cabinets.

And then there is putting the cover on the back door outside light.

I also checked in own garden.  I remember when those coleus plants were 6 inches high.  Now they are pushing two and a half feet.  I'm quite happy with it so far.

I did a few other things, but I didn't take pictures.  That will come in the next post.  But really, that's enough for one day.  Whew.  So hang on for more handyman adventures next week.  I think it's going to get messy.

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