Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vacation Day: The Arts and Crafts Festival at Ripley, W.V., Part 3

Well, at this point at the Arts and Crafts I was feeling pretty good.  I got to act like a kid, and play with the baby goats at the petting zoo.  Next, I wandered around some more.

There was this nice woman selling jewelry. I didn't care so much about that, but I did care about this old chest she was displaying her items on.  I took lots of pictures of it in case I wanted to build one like it.  Seriously, it looked older than my two Grandmas put together.

Oh, that guy who won the ribbon for one of his dulcimers?  He has some more for sale.

There was this stone carver who was just awesome.  But so where his prices.  I should have faked being a Free-Mason to him.

They had some neat spinning things.  The video I took of it was pretty neat.  Well, neat for a windy day I guess.

Here's a cello that a local West Virginian artisan made.

The longest serving U.S. Senator in history is Robert Byrd.  He was also known for his fiddle playing.  Here's a picture of his album and his fiddle.

Speaking of music.  There was this great Appalachian band playing traditional mountain music.  Here they are playing, "Blue Moon of Kentucky."

So that's my trip.  I wish I could have taken more pictures, but the family was wanting me to hurry it up so they could go back to Grandma's house.  I wish it hadn't of rained.  A lot of the vendors packed up or didn't show because of the rain.  But overall, I'm glad I went.

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