Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Open Doors

I was picking up a huge load of Gatorade when I did something kind of stupid.  In all fairness I was really distracted.  The place didn't show up on my GPS.  Heck, the road it was on didn't even show up on my GPS.  I got there, and the guard was giving me grief.  So I finally find my dock, and have to do a bit of tricky maneuvering to get the trailer in the dock.  But I did it perfectly.  I was so proud of myself until....

The dock worker came out, and said he was having trouble loading me.  He couldn't load me since my doors were closed, and backed into the dock.  I kind of looked at him, and said, "Yeah, I can see how that could be a problem." 

I then proceeded to pull forward, and open the doors.  The workers then loaded me pretty fast.  But I have to admit it was one of my dumber moments.  At least the worker was nice about it.  He was kind of laughing about the whole thing.  It's not the first time I've done it, but it probably won't be the last.

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