Saturday, September 10, 2011

What Does The Future Hold For Me?

As I am getting my stuff ready for the road, I wonder what the future holds for me?  Hopefully, it won't be a false start like it was with Con-Way.  If it is at least I am only 66 miles from home.

I always liked driving my truck out West.  The interstates are very straight when going East to West and back.  When going from North to South it seems like there are so many branches of interstates it can get kind of complicated in deciding which route to take. 

Since I will be driving solo I will also have to keep an eye on my fuel usage.  As a solo driver you will tend to idle the truck a bit more than team drivers will.  However, I tend to do the things that help to conserve fuel such as not running the truck when I don't have to, and not over-revving the engine when shifting.

During my travels I never really liked going through Kansas.  Actually, I've only been through there twice.  But that was enough.  It's like going back in time to a really angry 1950's.  The billboards are really backwards, as in, they take going back in time to a new level.  I felt the need to do a little modifying to them.

I also worry about the upcoming winter.  I know the South doesn't get too much snow, but even this past Winter in Chattanooga there was snow.  In fact, I was snowed in for about a week.

With a new company also comes new places to fuel up.  That also means new places that I would have to eat.  It can be nerve racking worrying if you have enough hours to make it to a truckstop.  Or, if I will be able to park at a truckstop with any decent food.

I may have to stick with Bologna sandwiches.

The thing about truck driving that a lot of people aren't aware of is that, they can do 90% of what I can do.  It's the other 10% that is completely fear inducing, and is kind of tricky.  But 100% of the time, you have to be paying attention.

The thing I've never figured out is all the people who keep asking for rides.  If any company that I worked for found out that I gave a stranger a ride in their semi truck, I would be fired on the spot.  I had these two very strange weirdos in Texas give me a completely bull crap story about their car breaking down.  And get this.  It supposedly broke down 130 miles away.  Yeah.  It may not be rule number one, but a top ten rule is no hitchers.

I hope I get lots of runs across Interstate 40.  I always like watching all the cows.  The neat thing is the number and types of cows.

You also tend to see other things on the road that aren't so pretty.

The one thing I always know to be on the watch for is BMW drivers.  They are the most arrogant, disrespectful assholes on the road.  They tend to drive their cars like you would play Super Mario Kart.

This will be the first time I will be a solo driver.  I have always been a team driver before, so I've always had someone to talk to.  It will be surprisingly quiet.  It may even be lonely.  I now know why a lot of truckers have pets.

But the one thing that I have learned is to not engage truck drivers in conversation.  They tend to be stupid, complain non-stop, and their attitude sucks.  Not to mention, they curse worse than sailors.

To avoid talking to other truckers I tend to keep myself busy.  I write postcards, play on the computer, play my Nintendo 3DS, write blogs, and other things.

I will keep posting, and keep taking pictures of the road.  Hopefully, this is the start of a very good adventure.

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