Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fuck You Dimmitt Chevrolet

Seriously, fuck you Dimmitt Chevrolet.  Fuck you in the asshole with a lionfish.  But let me start at the beginning. 

I had actually built up some goodwill with my salesperson Jerika.  She helped me out finding a truck.  I actually thought she was one of the more human salespersons I'd dealt with.  When it came to crunching numbers I thought the offer sheet was a bit high.  But let's be honest, everyone does.  Everyone knows you never take the first offer.

So suddenly the price on the website ($21,268) balloons to $28,500 on their offer sheet.  I know tax, tags and fees are going to increase the price, but that seemed excessive.  Well, it seems that I didn't qualify for $4000 of those rebates.  I told Jerika that was too rich for my blood.  She brought over the sales manager to see if we could get our numbers closer together.

The first thing I noticed was the "name" on his nametag.  It literally said, "The Coop."  This guy looked like he did too much coke and Natty Ice back when Smash Mouth were popular.

He actually looked like a fatter version of the lead singer of Smash Mouth including fire arm tattoos.

So he comes in looks over his own offer, and says, "I can't do anything." 

I ask, "Well, why is the price on the website so much lower than your offer?"

"The Coop" says, "Well that's GM's rebates.  We took off so much on our end."

On a side note, I know what the manager at Ferman Chevrolet had to say about Dimmit's sales tactics.  He said, "I don't advertise like that.  Especially since most people won't qualify for those rebates.  It's basically false advertising."

So I tell "The Coop,"  "Well, you're still coming in higher than Brandon Ford and Elder Ford. 

To which he replied, "I don't sell Fords.  I sell Chevys." 

I just kind of looked at him like, what the cold Hell did you just say to me? 

So I told him, "Well Ferman Chevrolet came in much lower than you."

His smartass reply was, " I outsell both Ferman dealerships!  They don't sell what I sell!"

Strike two asshole.

I then said that Ferman Chevrolet gave me an offer for $22,700 plus tax, tags, and title. 

Then he said the one thing I couldn't believe.  Again, in a very sarcastic tone he said, "Well, why didn't you buy from Ferman then?"

Again, I just looked at him like, "What did you just say to me?"

I tried to remain calm and said, "Because I was on a walk-about.  I visited ten dealerships to see who had the best price." 

He then went back to the paperwork, "Yeah, I may be able to knock some off of the title, but it's still going to be $28,000."

That's when I finally had enough, and turned to Jerika, and yelled, "Is there some other salesman I can deal with!?" 

She started to speak, and "The Coop" yelled over her, "I'm a manager!"

So I turned to him, gave him a salute, and said, "See ya!"

He then yelled back at me, "Alright then!"  He acted like he was looking for a fight. 

Every time I tried to speak, he spoke over top of me.  He came in, and in thirty seconds, destroyed any and all goodwill that Jerika had built up for over a month.  He came in and acted like he was hopped up on coke or meth.  I mean, who the hell treats someone like that with tens of thousands on the line?  Did he magically think that if he treated me like garbage that I would suddenly buy his overpriced vehicle?

I'll tell ya, I really don't want to buy a Chevrolet from any dealer anymore.  Jim Browne Chevrolet was almost as bad as Dimmit.  Ferman Chevrolet was slimy.  I don't want to end up with a Chevrolet needing repairs and then have to deal with Chevrolet parts, distributors and/or dealers. 

I've never said they weren't good trucks, but I just don't want to buy from those who see me as a walking piggy bank and not a human being.  It just amazes me in the age of the internet that these old time sales tactics are still in play. 

I can look at for vehicles up to hundreds of miles away.  I talked to ten dealerships to find out what the sales market was like.  If I'm being treated like crap by any dealer, I can find many others on via the internet.  So my question is, "why would you even think of treating anyone this way?"

I worked retail for many years.  It didn't matter if someone was buying one dollar's worth of goods, or buying over a thousand dollar's worth of goods.  I treated everyone with respect.  And it seems like a lot of dealers leave a trail of slime wherever they go when they are dealing with people spending thousands.  I couldn't imagine doing that. 

I'm pretty sure this ends my search for any Chevrolet vehicle.  That means both now, and in the future.  I've been to three dealers and they all seem to have sort of a systematic need to treat customers like walking piggy banks instead of real humans.  I don't do business that way.  And from now on I won't do business with Chevrolet. 

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